The infographic must be manipulated by the user, so that he can “walk” through the infographic information on his own. SUPERINTERESSANTE magazine indian email lists which is a renown in the field – has some excellent interactive infographics, like the one that can be accessed by clicking here . How to create an infographic? Now that you’ve found out about the wonderful world of infographics, it’s time to get to know our step-by-step guide! 1. Define your goals Have you ever noticed that when we don’t set a goal, in any situation, we tend to stick around indian email lists This is not only for life in general, but also for the creation of infographics, as it is essential to know what results you intend to obtain and, perhaps even more importantly: why and for whom to produce material like this? To find the answer to this question, it is also necessary  indian email lists to obtain the following answers: Who is my persona? The definition of the persona that should contact your infographic should be a priority, after all, this data will determine the type of approach, the language to be used, the visual style and much more.

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Learn how to create your persona right now with the Persona Creation Guide: indian email lists  What doubt my content intends to solve? Then, understanding which problem you would like to solve is one of the bases for developing the rest of the material, as that is the only way you will know what to write about and, even better, you will be able to reflect on whether the content theme is, in fact, relevant to your persona  indian email lists . There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time developing an amazing infographic that just doesn’t interest anyone, wouldn’t you agree? What return do I want with this material? This question even goes beyond content creation, as it relates to your entire digital marketing strategy indian email lists . Therefore, don’t worry about spending a little extra time thinking about the answer and defining the objectives aimed at with the infographic, as it is essential that it is well aligned with your proposal and business. Where will it run? The answer to that question is intrinsically related to your strategy and your persona. Through it, you will define the most favorable platforms to publish your material, in order to gain engagement from the public and, also, to determine the format of your infographic.

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Collect data, lots of it indian email lists  Infographics are considered to be rich materials, therefore it is necessary that they contain interesting, current and, above all, reliable information and data. So, the next step is to search for this information on the web. Consult sites that are a reference in the proposed theme, surveys indian email lists such as those produced by Intelligence Rock Content — and also be sure to extract data from foreign sites. At this point, feel free to get as much information as you want, fill pages and pages with references and bookmark thousands of sites, as this will only help you to have an even broader understanding of the indian email lists  subject, in addition to facilitating the crossing of data and the verification of doubtful information. Tip: don’t forget to always write down the sources of each information, many infographics display their research sources in the footer, giving credibility to the piece and its brand. 3. Select and compose It’s time to let go! Do you remember all those incredible dice and numbers?

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