‘When hunting elephants, don’t get distro chasing rabbits.’ We all know those jumping rabbits. It’s the M&Ms. Meetings and Emails. They give us a false sense of productivity. Successful hybrid work starts with the identification of our elephants: those tasks that are a bit more difficult, which we sometimes dare to postpone, but with which Canada Phone Number List we create a high added value for our customers. What is the magic of elephant hunting?

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The research of psychology professor Michael F. Steger teaches us. The research of social psychologist Baumeister teaches us that ‘finding life meaningful’ arises. The feeling of giving, especially when that giving is accompanied by difficulties, obstacles, and rooting. Hunting elephants takes courage, discipline, and energy. It’s more tiring than shooting rabbits jumping around. But it leads to work that works. It leads to decent work. It leads to meaning and meaning. For me, the term hybrid means a healthy balance between proactivity and reactivity, between effort and relaxation. And here too the advice applies.

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Canada Phone Number List

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A woman works on a laptop. 3. Get rid of the tyranny of synchronous cooperation I discover the magic of asynchronous communication via Twitter and LinkedIn. When my connections post something, I’m not obliga to respond right away. My answer will come later. After an hour, a day, a week. This non-simultaneous communication invites reflection, taking things into consideration, slow thinking. It seems as if we knowledge workers have forgotten to do knowledge work. Stuck on a hamster wheel.

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