Choose images that illustrate the products well South Sudan Email List Images are essential when advertising products. After all, they are the ones who will illustrate them and generate the desire to buy from the public. Use commercial photos produced for catalogs and common advertising, paying attention to image format. In the case of clothes, photos of models wearing the pieces are the best options. South Sudan Email List  A really cool example is Nike’s, which managed to reconcile a prominent presentation for the product with the use of graphic elements of its identity. Product photo for Instagram store 3. Use galleries for lookbooks or product lines Post galleries allow you to insert multiple photos into just one post. You can use this possibility to create a lookbook of a collection, with all the items in one post, adding the purchase South Sudan Email List  tag to them. You can also use the gallery to advertise products from a specific line in this photo sequence.

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Check the links Do you want to direct product South Sudan Email Listlinks to your website? Whenever you finish registering a tag, check if this link is working properly. After all, if there is any error in navigation, the experience will be bad, the consumer will not be satisfied and you will lose traffic and sales opportunities. 5. Place tags harmoniously When inserting more than one tag on the photo, South Sudan Email List  be concerned with how they will be arranged in the image. Make sure that they will be positioned on top of the product and that they will not also be on top of each other, causing visual pollution. A good idea for those starting to work with Instagram Shopping is to get inspiration from what big brands are doing. Company profiles such as Adidas Brasil , Ponto Frio , Mac Cosmetics Brasil and many others have done work that can inspire new  South Sudan Email List entrepreneurs. Since the subject is Instagram, how about optimizing your organic results on the social network ? Check out our ebook on the subject

Week of Digital Marketing Strategies for times of crisis

In partnership with Resultados Digitais , South Sudan Email List  we created the “ Week of Digital Marketing Strategies for times of crisis ”, an entire week of Webinars to help you overcome the challenges we are facing with the help of Digital Marketing. Many companies are seeing the internet as a way to continue selling and, above all, maintaining a relationship with customers — regardless  South Sudan Email List of your company’s segment. Check the schedule Monday Is it worth investing in Digital Marketing during the crisis period? Rafael Faria — General Manager SMB, Rock Content Robinson Friede  Demand Generation Manager, Digital Results Tuesday, 14/04, 3:00 pm How to continue generating new business and sales for my company through Digital Marketing? Larissa Lacerda — Blog Editor-in-Chief, Rock Content Thiago Rocha  Head of South Sudan Email List  Growth and Performance, Digital Results Isabela Mendes — CEO, Surf Agency Wednesday, April 15, 3:00 pm How to work on revenue retention using disclosure channels during the crisis period Clara Kraft Borges

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