This has major consequences for the retail sector and the retailers who have missed the online store trend. What will be the role of shops and shopping in the future? There will be an even sharper dichotomy between shops for ‘function’ and shops for ‘fun’, with a greater focus on hospitality, experience, and entertainment. Even more, than South Korea Phone Number List before, online customer contact revolves around omnichannel services and concepts such as customer journey, customer experience, content marketing, and personalization of products.

Extra Clear services and communication

Shopping street in Maastricht. 5. Hybrid working, learning, and caring working from home After many years of talking, because of the corona, we will switch to working from home in a few weeks. We to video calling, video conferences, webinars, and online collaboration, providing service. Meetings, training, and whatnot. Systems, tools, and work processes have been adapted and everyone sees the benefits. 45 years after the introduction of the term ‘teleworking’, working from home is here to stay.

South Korea Phone Number List
South Korea Phone Number List

But people also find social contacts at work and fooling around with colleagues important, so how do you give shape and substance to that if everyone is working from home? It is a balancing act between efficiency, autonomy, teamwork, and flexibility. Work meetings in ‘real live’ are more often about team building, social contacts, and mutual relationships. What will you stand in traffic jams on Monday morning on your way to the office? Distance learning Due to the corona crisis, schools had to arrange distance learning in a very short time.

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