For clients who are charitably inclined, but don’t have Grenada Email List a crystal ball, they may want to hedge their bets in the fulfillment of their charitable desires by keeping control of the assets, rather than making an irrevocable gift. So one popular and flexible life income plan is this charitable remainder trust, which Julia just mentioned, abbreviated CRUT. The trustee manages the trust assets and pays you or others, you choose, a variable income for life or for a term Grenada Email List of years. And when the trust terminates, the remaining assets are then transferred to a charitable organization of your choice. So if I were to describe the typical donor, they would need income Grenada Email List for life, or for a specified term of years, they would desire more income as the trust value increases.

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They would be able to tolerate some investment risk to provide Grenada Email List for growth, they want to be able to make additional gifts to the trust, and, generally, they’re between the ages of 55 and 80. Some of the features and benefits of making the gift are income for life, variable payments, the charitable income tax deduction, you have the ability to designate multiple beneficiaries, the assets that were transferred into the trust can be reinvested, you can choose the Grenada Email List trustee, and it may even be the donor, and the investment possibilities are pretty flexible. VONNY: Another popular plan is a charitable remainder annuity trust, abbreviated CRAT. It’s similar to the CRUT, with some exceptions, such as the donor desires a fixed income based on the original value Grenada Email List of the assets transferred, and they do not plan to make additional donations to the trust in the future.


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MICHAEL: And Julia, I know there are also testamentary Grenada Email List options to consider. Could you share some details about those? JULIA: Sure. Those that are charitably inclined may want that reflected in their estate or legacy plan. You can name a charity as beneficiary on various assets, including your retirement account, your IRA, in your living trust or will Grenada Email List, even on your life insurance policy. But not everyone fits into the various scenarios that Vonny and I have been discussing, and so we thought it might be good to include some non-vehicle-related strategies in this discussion. MICHAEL: Thanks, Julia. Vonny, any closing thoughts or Grenada Email List comments on these or other options donors can consider to support their charitable giving? VONNY:

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