Use introductory videos On your app’s Turkey Phone Number List  description page or on your own website, putting an intro video that shows you how it works or how it sets out to solve a particular problem is a great way to encourage users. According to data from Adobe , 40% of users believe that videos increase the chances of buying a product. So why not invest in videos to promote your app? Turkey Phone Number List Put your life on Onboarding It’s true that Onboarding only happens to those who have already downloaded your app, but remember that the idea is to make the user continue with it for as long as possible? Onboarding helps with just that. One of the reasons so many people uninstall an app Turkey Phone Number List  in a short amount of time is because they don’t see it as a long-term solution, but rather as a momentary one. Show all users can gain from your app from the first interaction, and your chances of success will be much greater. 3. Make your app easy to find In addition to organic search in app stores, there are numerous  Turkey Phone Number List other ways for someone to get in touch with an app and decide to download it.

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Just to name a few: recommendations from friends and family; sponsored links on search engines; reviews of apps on blogs, websites and YouTube channels  Turkey Phone Number List ; direct contact with the product through its own blog and profiles on social networks. 4. Enlist the help of influencers There are influencers in every niche. So if you still don’t know the people who have special powers of persuasion over the audience you’re trying to attract, you need to find out as soon as possible. And we’re not necessarily talking about celebrities or YouTubers, but people who are Turkey Phone Number List  respected in the area where your app works. Read in this post how to negotiate with digital influencers and get the best deals to carry out your marketing campaigns. 5. Send it well on the ASO ASO, also known as SEO for Apps, refers to optimizing searches performed in app stores.

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The ASO takes into account a number Turkey Phone Number List  of factors that are under its control, as well as some that are not, as well as the so-called On and Off Page elements of conventional SEO . Here on the blog we have an article that explains everything you need to know to master the subject and do well in the rankings of the main stores. 6. Focus on experience, not features The vast majority of application creators enter a cruel war for Turkey Phone Number List  users’ attention, that is, they are only concerned about offering more features than the competition. In many cases, what users ask for is not what they really need, but developers include it anyway. Turkey Phone Number List  Instead of playing this game where everyone loses, invest in promoting the experience of using your app. As well? Showcase how your app solves the problem it was built for better than any other competitor.

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