If I had asked an entrepreneur, at the end of Cuba Email List, what the plans were for the year 2020, I am sure that the answer would not even come close to the current reality of the world. The Covid-19 worldwide pandemic , in addition to being a public health crisis, has Cuba Email List  directly and severely impacted companies. In a scenario of economic uncertainty, companies needed to adapt and respond quickly to the moment . This happened both with those that saw their sales jump due to the increase in demand, and with those that, for the most part, are suffering from the consequences of the spread of the disease. It even seems a little strange to think that the digital transformation taking place today has been Cuba Email List  accelerated by a pandemic. But the fact is that it is no longer possible to think about the survival of companies that did not go digital and changed the way they interact with their customers.

A lot has changed

With that in mind, this article will present 6 Cuba Email List actions that can help companies (small or large) to differentiate themselves and get through the moment of crisis. Without a doubt, attention to the customer base is directly related to retention and improved results Cuba Email List ., and the way of relating to customers also needs to evolve. So, read on so you can see what can be done! Why is digital transformation an indispensable change? Many changes are happening in organizations: the relationship with customers , the way of doing business, how the public is finding companies and how the world views them. We are seeing hundreds of cases of companies using the digital medium to Cuba Email List  position themselves and even to remain open to win over their customers in ways that were previously unplanned . The physical doors have closed and now is the time to throw open the doors online. Business will never be as it was at the end of 2019. Delivery has become an option, perhaps the only option, for bars that were previously open for hours Cuba Email List  on weekends to the sound of country music.

Which are now broadcast live on YouTube

Physiotherapists, physical Cuba Email List educators, psychologists and doctors started to attend and monitor their patients online. Academies have started taking group classes online. And even religious institutions are holding their meetings through video conferencing tools . What do all these changes tell us? That physical barriers are no longer so challenging. Countless businesses are now working on a home office scheme , and even public companies Cuba Email List , which did not seem open to this reality, are now working remotely. Everything okay so far? Digital transformation is a path of no return. But how to adapt all businesses to this reality Cuba Email List  The first step, of course, is related to how well you know your customer. You may also be interested in these other content! 10 Content Ideas to Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic 16 initiatives that companies have carried out before the covid-19 How should your company update the site in front of COVID-19 How are you taking care of customers?

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