Existence of the teacher since his life his education and his experiences are automatically included in a mechanism for producing teaching directions and arguments. And the course of teaching follows the course of his life. This undeniable joy can logically run into the problem of the constant rotation of students. That is the teacher teaches himself his beliefs with their changes and developments to an audience that is constantly renewed which does not have time to perceive the course and the changes until it gives way to the next ones.

However changing the audience

Saves the students and the teacher from the danger of institutionalization and turning their relationship into a family one with all the attendant Philippines Photo Editor compulsive symptoms. The studentteacher bond can be and usually is lifelong but it changes over the years. It is placed on another level monitoring the developments of the coefficients of the relationship. Something similar can be said to happen in a family when the ages of its members have advanced so far that the roles have shifted from what they were institutionally. The relationship of the old parent with the middleaged child is quite different from the basic parentchild relationship and in some ways extends it. But the rotation of the students gives another joy to the teacher.

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To approach his material

Every time from the beginning through his possibly new beliefs and from his inevitably new experiences. In other words the USA Phone List renewal is continuous but also from scratch. This keeps him in the necessary alertness and ensures him spiritual youth. Because the teacher biologically usually older than his students is privileged to have younger thinking. And This is Because Every Person Becomes. Younger Over the Years Eliminating the Need for Definitive. Answers That Accompany Youthful Questions. As Old . In This Process the Permanence and Institutionalization of the. Relationship Would Be Very Dangerous and the Final and Irrevocable. Acceptance Assured on Both Sides Would Be Fatally Reassuring. So While One Would Expect the Endless Repetition of the Same Teaching. Content to Be an Unbearable Routine. The Rotation of the Audience Gives It a New Interest.

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