Creating Instagram location is a must for anyone who wants to Benin Email List use the app to generate business by viewing the content posted there. Instagram is a social network that has become a craze all over the world. There are more than one billion users, with at least 66 million Brazilians who use the application daily Benin Email List . This makes Brazil the second country with the highest number of users, only behind the United States. Companies are taking advantage of the app, especially the interaction on the social network, which is 15 times greater than on other social networks . In addition to followers, likes and shares, there is also the possibility of publicizing the location of the business in posts on Instagram. But whoever has tried to mark a specific place, may have faced a problem: not being able to mark the place you wanted in Benin Email List  the post, only those that are already suggested in a list. Discover the importance of this feature now and learn how to create Instagram localization through a complete walkthrough.

Why have localized posts on Instagram

The marketing areas of the companies found Benin Email List  Instagram the ideal tool to promote their products and services, facilitating sales and branding as well . In addition to being able to advertise, sponsor your posts, and achieve good results through these tactics, there is also free interaction that users can perform without direct brand intervention. Creating location on Instagram is one of those free ways to get out there , as users, when searching for a location, can tag your company’s location and show their followers Benin Email List who don’t necessarily follow you — where they were. Is there better free advertising than this when managing your company’s Instagram many people do research on local stores and businesses on Instagram, and having a location on the network can bring in customers organically as it indicates locations that meet the search criteria. Benin Email List  Another advantage, for those who use markings in stories, is that the social network groups them and discloses them for free to accounts that follow a city.

How to edit the location of posts on Instagram

With the location of your company created, Instagram can organically Benin Email List  show your stories to those who follow your city’s hashtag . So posts with a location have 79% more engagement than posts without a location tag. The feature also aims to make life easier for leads who found your store via Instagram, Benin Email List  as, with location, they can see the address and no longer need to ask, eliminating a barrier in the service and purchase process. The leads can even see on the map the exact location of the store, avoiding being lost if you do not know the address. Anyone who has a physical store has at some point lost a customer who gave up on visiting the store and closing a Benin Email List  sale because he couldn’t find the correct address. Taking all this into account, we’ve made a step-by-step guide for you to create a location on Instagram and enjoy the benefits this action can bring to your business.

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