sure that your web design is on Timor Leste Email List  point. Source: Virtual Window 7. First impressions of a website are 94% design-related Websites are a way for customers to get a feel for your business and what it’s all about, and all they really have to go off is how well your website is designed. Every visitor to your site is a potential new Timor Leste Email List lead, so it’s important to make a great first impression. 07 First impressions are design related Source: Webfx 8. 38% of users will stop using a website if they find the layout unattractive Web design and layout are important to users. With over a third of users claiming they would Timor Leste Email List stop using a website as a result of poor layout, it’s important to ensure that your layout is well designed and intuitive. Source: Webfx 9. 83% of consumers expect

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websites to load in less than 3 seconds… Load speeds Timor Leste Email List are a hot topic in 2020. Although a few seconds doesn’t seem like a lot, to seasoned web users, they can feel like a lifetime. The majority of consumers expect a webpage to load in less than 3 seconds, and Google has recently updated its algorithm to prioritize load speeds. 09 Timor Leste Email List Consumers expect sites to loads in less than 3 seconds Source: Webfx 10. … but the average mobile landing page takes 7 seconds to load Despite consumers wanting their pages to load in less than three seconds, the average load speed for a page is more Timor Leste Email List than double this. Not only is this bad for user experience but it can also have a big impact on SEO. As of August 2021, the algorithm will take into account load speeds when

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