These are the pillars that you should adopt in your optimization strategies  Austria Phone Numbers List, as Google considers these characteristics essential for a quality page. The more knowledge, authority and reliability the page has, the more quality it will have in Google’s eyes. Austria Phone Numbers List  A major current concern of the search engine is to deliver reliable results on SERP, which have been produced by those who dominate the subject and have the support of the community in their area of ​​expertise. This is essential in the face of the explosion of content on the web, often of low quality or even in bad faith. These criteria are even more important when ranking YMYL (Your Money, Your Life Austria Phone Numbers List ) sites, usually in the medical , legal or financial areas. This type of content is sensitive to users, as a wrong orientation can put it at risk. But after all, how to optimize your website for EAT? These guidelines reinforce basic SEO guidelines: provide quality content and show that you are a reference.

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We could now list all the SEO tips we’ve Austria Phone Numbers List already given around here. But let’s highlight those that can boost your level of knowledge, authority and reliability in Google’s eyes: ensure that your content is produced by someone who understands the subject and has a good reputation in the market; publicize the purpose of your brand, who the authors are, and why they Austria Phone Numbers List  should be trusted (a full page about the company helps a lot in this); improve your online reputation with press releases, quotes and links from trusted sites, and positive reviews from third-party sites; do not overload your users with ads that disrupt the reading experience or try to deceive them just to sell your product; cite reliable sources in your content that bring scientific, up-to-date and proven foundation to what you are Austria Phone Numbers List  talking about. In short, think that Google trusts you to improve the quality Austria Phone Numbers List  of content that is on the internet. That’s what you should aim for.

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Write content for people The most relevant recent Austria Phone Numbers List  update from Google is BERT, which revolutionized the understanding of natural language and users’ search intentions. So, to conquer Google’s algorithm in 2020, you need to know how to optimize your site for BERT. This Google update is making the algorithm a natural language expert. He is already able to Austria Phone Numbers List  understand a content in a way very similar to that of a human being. This means that you should no longer write texts for robots or insist on keyword repetition. This no longer works because Google doesn’t count keyword volume but the overall context of the content. Do you know what works then? Austria Phone Numbers List  Write content for people! Basically, this is what you should do when optimizing your pages for BERT. Take care to create content that is good to read, that solves people’s doubts and that bring relevant, up-to-date and reliable information. For that, it’s important to understand what your persona is in need of and how you’re going to help them.

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