Company diagnosis The first thing a Content Ethiopia Email List Marketing professional does is to assess the brand’s digital presence. For this, content pieces, marketing materials and plans that have already been implemented can be requested (if the characteristics Ethiopia Email List  of the personas have already been defined, for example). In addition to being necessary to evaluate the tools that make up the company’s marketing assets, Ethiopia Email List  such as project management solutions, email marketing , data analysis, among others. The consultant can also run diagnostics through Google Analytics . That way, he will also have data to compare the results of his efforts against the metrics that will be delimited to achieve the organization’s goals. goal setting Examining business objectives is also a step in the initial phase of strategy planning. Ethiopia Email List  The Content Marketing consultant needs to understand the goals and expectations to support their work. Does your company want to get more leads, guide consumers through the sales funnel , improve audience engagement in contact channels, or increase average sales ticket.

What Exactly is a Double Opt-In Email List

In addition to analyzing your brand’s current Ethiopia Email List  messages, the consultant will be able to determine which strategy works best to achieve each of these goals. An external perspective on the marketing efforts already implemented by the company is the starting point Ethiopia Email List  for understanding what can be improved to reach a specific audience. After considering these questions, Content Marketing consultants will know which solutions can improve the performance of marketing strategies. This can include: new ideas for content production; adequacy of parts for each funnel phase; combination of assets that can hold the interest of the public; elements for website optimization ; Ethiopia Email List adherence to tactics that include the use of landing pages, email marketing etc; proposition of increasing or decreasing visual content, among others. Goal setting Another thing to be  Ethiopia Email List done before putting into practice any project is to establish the goals that must be achieved.

Finding the Right Target For Your Email List

They must be designed according to the Ethiopia Email List  objective and created with some requirements that guarantee their full functioning. The requirements for setting goals follow the SMART methodology , which means that they must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. If doubts arise in the definition process Ethiopia Email List , a Content Marketing consultant can help the goals follow all these principles. Some examples of a SMART goal are: increase the number of conversions by Ethiopia Email List  every month; increase the number of customers from 100 to 150 in 3 months. creation of personas Before thinking about the content that will be produced, it is essential to know who it will be intended for . For that, it is necessary to create the company personas — fictional representations of the ideal customer, developed from information about work, habits and geographic, psychographic, demographic, etc. data. This information Ethiopia Email List  is obtained from current customers , through a short interview, or from the audience for which the marketing efforts are intended .

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