million general energetic Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List customers This places it handiest at approximately quantity sixteen in a listing of the top social systems with the aid of users. That’s proper, if we’re just looking at general users, Twitter doesn’t even rank amongst the top 10 maximum popular social platforms. For Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List contrast, Facebook has over 2.7 billion users – nearly 8x that of Twitter. 353 million total active users Source: Hootsuite three. Fifty two% of Twitter users within the US use the platform each day… Twitter users appear to be fairly energetic. The majority test in at the least Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List as soon as a day to get an overview of what’s going on within the world. 52% of Twitter users inside the US use the platform every day Source: Statista1 four. …And ninety six% use it at the least as soon as in line with month The giant majority of Twitter customers open the app as a minimum once month-to-month,

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providing further proof that Twitter has a Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List very lively, engaged person base. Source: Statista1 five. Twitter generated over $three.7 billion in revenue in 2020 This is consistent with figures from the modern Global Impact report. The sizeable majority of that revenue comes from advertiser dollars, but some also Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List come from records licensing and other sales resources. 2020 seems to have been a in particular right 12 months for the platform as sales this 12 months elevated by way of greater than $250 million from the yr before. This may have partly been driven through an uptick in users and time spent on social media introduced about through the global pandemic. Twitter generated over $3.7 billion in revenue Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List in 2020 Source: Twitter Global Impact Report 2020 and Statista5 6. There are over 5,500 Twitter personnel These personnel are spread throughout 35 offices in

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