the content you create. Here are a Chad Email List few content types to consider: Infographics – Highly shareable and great for earning backlinks. Video – Allows you to tap into the built-in audience of platforms like YouTube. Audio – You could simply turn your existing content into audio using an automated service or use it as the topic for a podcast Chad Email List on iTunes, etc. Slideshare presentation – Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn and has a huge built-in audience. When putting together your content plan, also consider: Your goals and logical next steps for readers – While your content needs to serve your readers, it also has to serve Chad Email List your goals (e.g. selling a course). You’ll get the best results when the next logical step for readers to take is aligned with your goals. For example,

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purchasing a Keto recipe book would be a logical Chad Email List next step for anyone reading an article about the benefits of the Keto diet. Consider grouping content together into themed months – This is more commonly used by journalists, specifically in niche magazines (e.g. Guitarist Magazine), and it can work nicely for bloggers Chad Email List as well. Learn more in our article on content themes. Finally, if you need more help with your content plan, check out our article on how to create a content calendar for your blog. 14. Stockpile content ready for the new year Want to come out of the gates swinging when the 1st Chad Email List of January rocks up? You’re going to need some high-impact content ready go publish. Since December is such a slow time of the year, I usually stop publishing

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