The digital workplace is often a defined tool for news, information, and social interaction. While for me the digital work environment stands for all digital tools, systems, and applications that employees use in their daily work. Also, read The basis of Cayman Islands Phone Number List your digital work environment: reaching, serving & involving Key question: what is the ‘real’ work In this light, I think it is also interesting to note that most employees in organizations do not consume news, look up information, and digitally share knowledge.

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The ‘real’ work is something completely different for a lot of people. Think of: In a hospital: to care for or treat patients or clients. At a university: teaching or supervising students. At a transport company: storing things, preparing them for transport, transporting them to customers. In the leisure sector: serving guests in the restaurant. But also think of plumbers, plasterers, or electricians who visit people. And so on.

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All these groups of people are often best helped in daily practice by continuously optimizing the internal digital services. This is apparent from the research that I have been doing for a variety of organizations for years. What people expect from a digital work environment is better, simpler support for their primary work. Photo of a man in work clothes with a hand scanner So what can you think about? I look again at the list of sectors that I already listed above.

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