Such as the Facebook pixel, the Belarus Email List Google Ads pixel, the Hotmart pixel, among others. Here’s how it works: if the user clicked on a purchase ad on Instagram and reached the page that has the pixel installed, the site sends a notice to Instagram that the user has been there and converted. This information then appears in the platform’s advertising reports. Configure event Belarus Email List tracking Event Tracking (or event tracker) is a custom Google Analytics setting that allows you to track certain user actions on a website. For example: downloading an e-book, watching a video (play, pause), scrolling or clicking on an image. Define attribution models Attribution models are different ways of attributing the merits of a conversion to marketing channels when tracking users’ paths. Templates can be configured in Google Analytics and Facebook Ads. The most common model is the last Belarus Email List  interaction attribution, where the last channel the user accessed before making a purchase receives the credit for the conversion. However, the purchase journey can be much more complex and transit Belarus Email List  through channels that influence the conversion more.

Therefore there are other models: first interaction

Attribution Models How to create a tracking sheet Belarus Email List Once you’ve set up data tracking, you can use tools to collect and track metrics. But, for those just starting out in Marketing Analytics, it’s a good idea to create a spreadsheet and do manual monitoring . That way, you can better understand how everything works and what data is really important, and then automate the collection in the tools. You can create a spreadsheet in Excel same Belarus Email List , but the trick is to use Google Spreadsheets (Google Sheets), which is stored in the cloud and allows you to share with the team. You can also create a spreadsheet for each strategy, each channel, each metric — it all depends on how you and your team prefer to organize yourself. Say, for example, you want to track the conversions generated by an ad campaign on Belarus Email List  Google Ads and Facebook Ads and understand which channel is most effective. First, you must create a basic spreadsheet to fill in with daily data for the duration of the campaign.

Among the metrics, you can monitor CTR

Sales and revenue for each channel. Belarus Email List  Would be like this: Facebook Ads Google Ads As you are monitoring manually, you will have to access the reports for each platform to collect the data. With them, then, you can already identify values ​​and variations in the period. Later, you will see how much more interesting it is to build graphs to facilitate analysis. Of course, here we’ve simplified the data and the table, with hypothetical values, just for you to understand better. But as you become more familiar with the Belarus Email List  worksheets, you can make this follow-up more thorough. Plus, with a little more slickness in spreadsheets, you can also pull data from platforms directly into spreadsheets, without having to manually collect each data. At the end of this text, you will see a spreadsheet that does this (but read on until there, ok?). You may also be interested in these other content! [Belarus Email List] Content and Data Marketing Data analysis: what is it, how to do it and basic tips SimilarWeb: How to Use the Competitive Analysis Tool How to visualize data and create reports.

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