I do not want to say that news and information provision and social interaction via a digital platform are unimportant in an organization. Far from! Recently I wrote about the three core aspects of an intranet or digital work environment, which Cameroon Phone Number List certainly includes communication (read also: reference work and information provision) and collaboration (also read: social interaction and community building). Venn diagram with three spheres: communication, service, and collaboration, with reaching, serving, and involving.

 A Party at the overlap

But the third aspect is one that receives relatively little attention and which many specialists at organizations, external consultants, and software suppliers seem to ignore. That is the service aspect. What am I talking about when I’m talking about internal digital services? Actually two things: Everything that supports primary processes, and makes them better and easier. Everything that supports secondary processes, and makes them better and easier.

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Cameroon Phone Number List

Digital workplace’ is more A Party

Then information and interaction, My starting point in many conversations. With clients who want to get start with their digital workplace is that the organization already has a digital workplace. After all, if you have Outlook and Word, they together form your digital work environment. I then add that the term ‘digital workplace’ can encompass a much broader concept than what is usually meant by ‘the digital workplace’.

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