Marketing  Mongolia Email List Course on Instagram Among the top social networks, Instagram is currently the fastest growing, registering over a billion active accounts every month Mongolia Email List, with 90% of them following a company . It is necessary to know how to explore the resources that the platform offers , exactly what Pedro Galvano , Social Media Analyst at Rock Content, and Pauline Sula, will cover during the 2 hours of the course. Module 1: Instagram The first module of the course provides an overview of Instagram, highlighting its features, features and characteristics, Mongolia Email List as well as examples of companies that do well on the social network . Module 2: How to Create an Unbeatable Profile Afterwards, teachers present a step-by-step guide to creating a profile that becomes relevant within their market segment, in addition to applying some available resources. Module  Mongolia Email List Creating a Post That Gets Results To strengthen your company’s presence in the long term.

Are Forums the Best Way to Build Email Lists

you need to create efficient posts, exactly what will be covered in module 3, Mongolia Email List  as well as details about Instagram Ads. Module 4: Brand Management on Instagram In the fourth module, the focus is on managing your brand on the platform: the importance Mongolia Email List  of this task, how to monitor your performance and the role of influencers in this stage. Module 5: Strategies for Stories One of the main features of Instagram is Stories , and knowing how to use it efficiently is what will be covered in this module. Module 6: Unraveling the Instagram Algorithm Afterwards, the thread will show you the Instagram algorithm and what you need to do to use it to your advantage. Module  Mongolia Email List Metrics You Need to Track In the seventh module Mongolia Email List, you learn what are the key metrics you should track to ensure your strategies are, in fact, working .

How To Use Social Media To Build An Email List

Customer Success Course To stand out Mongolia Email List in the market, you need to think not only about your company’s performance, but also about your customer. Therefore we invited Talita Batista , General Manager of Rock Content, to lead a 2-hour course Mongolia Email List  on the importance of implementing this mentality within your organization. Module 1: What is Customer Success As an introduction, the first module will explain the concept of Customer Success and how important it is for companies. Module 2: Onboarding Afterwards, Talita Batista will explain what Onboarding is, Mongolia Email List  Handoff, how to do after-sales and, finally, how to carry out Customer Activation. Module 3: Ongoing In the third module, the focus of the class is how to manage your customer’s success and the importance of Success Milestones. Module  Mongolia Email List Customer Success Metrics Next, it’s time to know what metrics you should be tracking  such as LTV.

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