Just to illustrate, it would not be good for search engines if the user had to re-search for a keyword or term several times until he found what he was looking for. Malawi Email List In simpler terms, it’s like combining supply and demand, so that your website displays the information necessary to supply this relationship in a concise and useful way. For website owners, meta tags are optimizable elements that highlight the most important characteristics of  Malawi Email List a content, help in ranking and increase the flow of visitors to a website. For users, meta tags are often invisible elements, but essential for the algorithm to “hit” the page suggestions that  Malawi Email List appear in the SERPs. There are several types of meta tags that fulfill different functions. While some are related to page structure and ensure your site is easy Malawi Email List to find, others guide search engines as to which parts of the page are important and which to ignore. Furthermore.

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Despite being very important for SEO, not all Malawi Email List  of them provide effective or high impact results for your strategy. Therefore, before deciding to put them into practice, it is necessary to know the functions and characteristics of each one of them, to choose Malawi Email List  only those that are really aligned with your Search Engine Optimization purposes. What are the main meta tags used in SEO? Here are some examples of meta tags that are better known Malawi Email List and also more relevant in SEO. canonical tags If you have a website, but as a precaution, you decided to create several URLs and provided the same content on all these pages, in Malawi Email List  case a user enters the wrong address, for example, you sinned by exaggeration and have certainly already been penalized for it. The algorithm interprets  Malawi Email List this action as content duplication. As it cannot distinguish Malawi Email List  which is the main (or original) page, it classifies the most convenient and ignores the others.

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Another situation where this can happen is when the site owner Malawi Email List  creates a page template for desktop and one for mobile devices, or when replicating the entire content of a blog on a social network. Never do that! There are more practical and functional ways to direct URLs Malawi Email List  to a unique address or to make your content mobile-friendly , meaning mobile responsive , without you having to be penalized for it. Fortunately, canonical meta tags have also emerged to help with this issue. It’s like you’ve left a hidden message for Google’s algorithm Malawi Email List  (“Hey Google, if you find other similar content on the Internet, know that the original is this one, the version I want to appear on the result pages!”) . To add a canonical meta tag to your content Malawi Email List , simply include the following code in your But it is worth noting that the canonical tag is just a guideline, a suggestion. So, it doesn’t mean that the seeker will always respect you, Malawi Email List  so keep that in mind. Meta description.

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