Number of characters, and keyword Moldova Email List  appearance in the meta description; SEOquake and MozBar — SEO extensions that allow you to view aspects related to website authority, link building,  Moldova Email List URL, title, meta description, header tags, Alt texts, among other issues; Yoast SEO – this plugin from the WordPress enables optimization for page SEO via custom settings for meta description and meta title, check keywords, adequacy of internal links, canonical tags, file edits .htaccess , among other functions  Moldova Email List . Meta tags are an important tool for ranking, as they make the search engine’s understanding of the content of your pages more understandable. If you enjoyed this post and want to learn more about content optimization, check out our complete SEO guide The feature is simple to use and low Moldova Email List  cost, which makes it completely affordable. Plan what will be covered, follow the instructions presented in the text and get to work! So, ready to do your live broadcast? YouTube is a very useful Moldova Email List  tool for your Digital Marketing strategy. So, also take the opportunity to gain more results by applying SEO techniques to Youtube.

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In times of difficulty due to the Moldova Email List  pandemic , many companies are working on the home office model. Others had to suspend activities, giving many professionals more free time for other activities. Among the initiatives created by Rock Content in view of Coronavirus , we offer 5 free courses from Rock University so  Moldova Email List that you can learn about relevant subjects of Digital Marketing and, thus, be better prepared for the post-quarantine period . Each course will be available on a certain date and will Moldova Email List  be accessible free of charge on the platform for one month, starting from the day each one is released. The order of courses will be as follows: free rock university courses Read on and learn more about each of the courses available! 03/24: Branding Course In the first course released, the main subject Moldova Email List  will be Branding and the importance of strengthening and managing your brand to differentiate yourself from your competitors in digital channels .

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With a workload of 2:30 am, Paulino Sulz  Moldova Email List , Brand Strategist at Rock Content, will lead the classes so you can learn how to create a unique identity. Check out the topics for each module! Module 1: Understanding Branding The first stage of the course aims to teach students what a brand is and what are the most important factors  Moldova Email List when creating and managing it Moldova Email List . Furthermore, it will show the importance of the concept for the success of companies. Module 2: Brand Identity Then, the course goes deeper into the elements that constitute the concept of brand identity , such as logos used, naming and tone of voice. You will also learn how to communicate and Moldova Email List  document your brand identity . Module 3: Branding Platform Moldova Email List  In the third module, you will have access to the brand platform concept, its importance for the Branding management work and, of course, the elements that are part of this strategy.

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