But then mobile optimization gained even more relevance Argentina Phone Numbers List  with other minor updates. RankBrain (2015) The RankBrain is an evolution of Hummingbird. If the algorithm was already more evolved to understand search intentions, now it would use artificial intelligence and machine learning for that. Thus, Google’s algorithm began to interpret user queries even better Argentina Phone Numbers List . Without human intervention, it automatically learns about search intent and delivers more relevant results. It was a giant step in search engine technology. BERT (2019) The latest update of Google , focused on understanding the search intentions of users took place in 2019 and is called BERT . The acronym stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers — which doesn’t explain much, does Argentina Phone Numbers List  it? It is a new artificial intelligence system specialized in natural language processing (Natural Language Processing or NLP). According to Google, 15% of searches performed every day are unpublished.

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That is, systems need to Argentina Phone Numbers List  be smart enough to understand all users’ queries, even if they’ve never been done before or don’t use the best words to describe your query. That’s why BERT is considered one of the main updates to Google’s algorithm in recent years. He is able to understand the general context of searches by analyzing the words that make up a search, their meanings and the relationships between them. Argentina Phone Numbers List  So it’s no longer about understanding specific keywords. Google is already able to understand complete sentences written in natural language, in a way that is very close to the way a human being understands. How to conquer Google’s algorithm in 2020? Now that you know the Google algorithm more closely,  Argentina Phone Numbers List it’s time to know how to conquer it for good! As we said, the little robots are moving all the time, and the updates don’t stop.

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So every year it’s good to think about the main strategies to take your site to the top. Now, let’s talk about the main ways to get the best Google rankings in 2020. Check it out!  Argentina Phone Numbers List  Optimize your website for EAT We talked before about the Search Quality Rater Guidelines. They are the guidelines that Google uses to guide external partners in evaluating the quality of search results. Therefore, they demonstrate Google’s vision of what  Argentina Phone Numbers List a quality page is. In this document , one of the main guidelines for reviewers is to check the EAT of a website . This acronym is formed by the initials of the words: Expertise  Argentina Phone Numbers List (level of knowledge) of the content creator; Authoritativeness (authority) of the content creator, the content itself and the site on which it is published; Trustworthiness of the content creator, the content itself and the site on which it is published.

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