To do this, go to the main menu and tap on Mexico email list  “Labels”. On the next screen, click the “+” button to create them. There is another way to do this. While chatting, even if you haven’t created tags yet, just select a message and tap the tag icon at the top of the screen: Sticker icon in WhatsApp Business Source: TechTudo . On the screen that opens, choose a label or create a new one. Label WhatsApp Business Source: TechTudo . When you need to find Mexico email list  messages that have been tagged, it’s very easy. Just access the main menu and tap on “Marked messages”. How to use quick answers feature in WhatsApp Business? From the main menu, go to “Settings”, “Company Settings” and “Quick Answers”. Then tap the button that has a “+”. Then you can define the details Mexico email list  of each answer. Quick Answers feature in WhatsApp Business Source: Tecnoblog . Type the message you want to register, remembering that it is possible to insert emojis. Then define a shortcut. It is also possible to register keywords to find the phrase more easily. To use the message during a conversation, type the character.

Build An Email List – The Best Way

Then, the app will show a list of phrases that have already been Mexico email list  registered. You can type the shortcut or a keyword to find what you want. Auto message example in WhatsApp Business Source: WhatsApp. How to access mail flow statistics? To find the statistics, go to the main menu and go to “Settings”, “Company Settings” and “Statistics”. On the screen that opens, we have access to the Mexico email list of messages sent, delivered, read and received. How to achieve maximum results with the tool? Check out 9 tips! Mexico email list  Create a catalog Create a catalog of your products – and even your services, if applicable – to facilitate customer consultation. He can view this information whenever he wants, which speeds up the purchase decision. In addition, you can take advantage of registered items yourself when you need to share information about them. When the customer asks about a product detail, just attach it and send it during the conversation .

Are You In Need of Email Addresses? Get Email List Now Through Renting or Buying

Respond quickly Mexico email list  During business hours, make arrangements to reply to messages as soon as possible. After all, those who use WhatsApp generally expect quick service Mexico email list .Publicize office hours This information is very useful for the customer. With it, it is possible to know if the establishment is open, which can avoid the frustration of going to the place and finding it closed. It is also worth informing the delivery time. 4. Use the absence answer After hours, you can take advantage of the Out of Office Reply feature so that at least the customer knows that the message was received correctly and will be read at the earliest opportunity. 5. Offer relevant content This is the essence of Inbound Marketing , also known as attraction marketing. It consists of using relevant content to attract people interested in information. This serves to strengthen the relationship and make them see your company as an authority on the subject Mexico email list. This principle also applies to WhatsApp. Send tips and teach your contacts how to deal with some of their pain. That way, when you send offers, the chance that they will be upset about it will be much smaller. Not to mention that this strategy will keep your company very much alive in their minds .

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