Powered by Ion Rock Content One of the biggest Catalan Email List  difficulties in calculating ROI is to understand the concept of “generated value”, since Content Marketing has varied objectives, some of which are long-term and difficult to measure directly. However, it is extremely Catalan Email List  useful especially with “more concrete” objectives, such as the number of customers gained or the income obtained in a given period. Be sure to follow along. Here at Rock, we use reports to track the results of the strategy, both ours and our clients. If you wish to have access to these report templates, just click here . Catalan Email List Content Marketing Tools What is Digital Marketing As you have seen, a Content Marketing strategy requires a lot of work from everyone involved! But there are ways to facilitate the routine of these professionals without neglecting the processes and keeping an eye on all important metrics. Fortunately, Catalan Email List  we have several complete and efficient tools on the market.

Why Should I Build an Email List

These platforms can help you measure the results of  Catalan Email List a Content Marketing strategy, automate processes and increase the volume of content created and disseminated by your team. Do you want to know some? I have separated for you the most popular and accessible tools in a few categories. Blog Tools Much more than writing and posting texts, taking care of a blog requires you to create Catalan Email List  a navigation structure, moderate visitor comments, improve the layout (appearance) of your blog, track access data and much more. That’s why every blogger needs a Content Management System (CMS) — in Portuguese, a content management system. Some options are Joomla , Drupal and WordPress  Catalan Email List , the most popular CMS in the world. SEO Tools For those working in SEO, the challenges are: doing keyword research, finding ranking opportunities, performing optimizations that can bring content to the first page, and monitoring the competition. Some useful tools for this are SEMRush , Ahrefs ,  Catalan Email List  and Google’s Keyword Planner .

Make Your Business Email List a Direct Mail List

Tools for social media Social media management is a Catalan Email List job that needs tools that allow you to schedule posts on multiple networks, monitor audience reach and engagement with these posts, and even generate results reports. Some options in this area are the Buffer , Catalan Email List  the Hootsuite , the SimplyMeasured and Quintly . And there are also specific ones for some social networks, like Postgrain (formerly Instamizer) for Instagram, Fanpagekarma for Facebook and Commun.it for Twitter. automation tools The lead nurturing professional needs to write and fire emails, segment the lead base, create streams, and more. Doing this job without a tool is unthinkable! But there are very  Catalan Email List good options on the market, which handle a good part of this work. The most popular and recommended options are Hubspot , RD Station and MailChimp . monitoring tools Every Marketing professional needs to monitor the performance of their strategy.

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