5 challenges to using ROI correctly 5 advantages of knowing how to work based on ROI What is ROI (Return on Investment)? The term ROI is an acronym for the English expression Hong Kong Phone Number List “ Return over Investment ”, or “ Return on Investment ”. Through this indicator, it is possible to know how much money the company is earning (or losing) with each investment made. This includes everything that is done for future profit, such as marketing campaigns, sales training, acquisition of management Hong Kong Phone Number List tools, new customer retention strategies, etc. This way, it becomes clear not only which investments are worthwhile, but also how to optimize those that are already working so that they perform better. ROI can be calculated in several areas such as: Content Marketing ROI ; Email Marketing ROI ; Hong Kong Phone Number List ROI of Social Media ; ROI of Google AdWords campaigns ; Corporate Blog ROI ; SEO ROI , etc. Download this post by entering your email below Enter your email here Hong Kong Phone Number List  Don’t worry, we don’t spam.

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Why is ROI important to my business success? Hong Kong Phone Number List  The Digital Marketing is very broad, and offers an incredible range of methods and tools for those who want to do business on the Internet. You can understand more about the subject, download the complete ebook on digital marketing: But, so many options can confuse even those who already know the subject well. Other than that, Hong Kong Phone Number List  remember that digital marketing actions, despite being reliable and effective , can give different results depending on your market niche, target audience, among other details. Therefore, tracking the return on investment is essential. It helps you answer some deep questions about your business, such as these: Hong Kong Phone Number List  What are the company’s biggest sources of profit? What are the most effective communication channels? Are the marketing campaigns performing as expected? Hong Kong Phone Number List  Has the sales process been efficient? Is customer service contributing to loyalty or lacking.

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Of course, it’s no use hoping to find detailed Hong Kong Phone Number List information just by analyzing the payback period , but it will give you a good guide as to where to look. Then, using other important metrics and indicators , you will be able to dig deeper into the Hong Kong Phone Number List points that need improvement. How to calculate the ROI ? The simplest way to calculate ROI is by following this formula: ROI This formula can be used comprehensively — to analyze the business as a whole — or specific — to assess an individual project or area . Working in this way, you can identify errors and problems in any part of the business. Furthermore, the final result will be in percentage, which facilitates the comparison Hong Kong Phone Number List  between the ROI of different actions or strategies. Hong Kong Phone Number List  To facilitate this process, we created an interactive calculator, so you just fill in your numbers and hit the “calculate” button.

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