Ana Paula Viana , responsible for the project’s success at Rock Content , says: Ana Paula Viana What were the results achieved during the process? The Rock Content team, with Senior Customer Success Analyst Ana Paula Viana , worked to develop a strategy especially for the needs of the Rodobens company, and the result was as follows: the blog is a reference in the financial sector and the SEO strategy was made to reach organic traffic that meets Rodobens’ expectations and needs. result of the blog rodobens on semrush rodobens ranking Rodobens’ main achievement with the Content Marketing strategy: sales by Inbound Marketing This means that we created a process that sells itself. popup on rodobens blog rodobens landing page rodobens landing page rodbens blog And after the blog visitor becomes a lead, he is educated to receive a contact from the sales team, which is prepared to make a consultative sale and, thus, solve the prospect’s doubts and close the deal.

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The result in Rodobens’ view “It has been a wonderful challenge to act in our Marketing strategy with Rock Content, we have a very nice partnership focused on our success. I assumed responsibility for Content Marketing, with a greater focus on the blog, in 2018, and we ended 2019 with an increase of more than 50% in blog traffic. Today, Rodobens’ blog is one of the most accessed in the financial services sector and with the highest number of keywords indexed in search engines. In addition, we see that the main gain was in the performance of qualifying leads through nutrition with email marketing. One of the projects yielded a 50% increase in lead rate. Rodobens has undergone a digital transformation, so that the customer is at the center of all processes. Because of that, the partnership with Rock has been very efficient, helping us to deliver valuable content to the prospect at the right time in their journey and convert it into an MQL willing to talk to the sales team.

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Rock has also played a key role with its consultancy, such as inside sales consultancy, for our SDR team. In just over a year in which I’m working with Ana Paula Viana, we managed to raise the level of Content Marketing at Rodobens, we moved away from the focus on blog posts (quantity of texts), to act more in the strategy to deliver leads with quality and study actions to improve our nutrition flows ”, comments the responsible for the strategy , Mirna Alvarenga. In addition, Fábio Gomes , Expert Services consultant at Rock Content, adds: Fabio Gomes This success story is one of our prides and came to prove that it is totally possible to create a content strategy that is capable of leading the client to the right results for their demand. Want to know how Rock Content can be effective in creating the right results for your business? Talk to one of our Digital Marketing experts and find the best and greatest results for your company.

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