Now is the time, then, to read that book on marketing Lebanon Email List  you’ve been putting off for lack of time, or take that sales course that can increase your bottom line. In order to cooperate with the community and strengthen businesses, many companies are offering discounts on courses or making them available for free. Rock Content, in partnership with Ambassadors of Education , is offering free scholarships to public school students for Rock University’s premium Lebanon Email List  courses . In addition, the general public will be able to access some of the most popular courses for free: 03/24: Branding Course; 03/30: Social Media Management Course; 06/04: Marketing Course on Instagram; 13/04: Customer Success Course; 20/04: Conversion Rate Optimization  Lebanon Email List (CRO) Course. Access to each course can be done from this link and will be available for one month after the opening date. Another thing you can do is take time to evaluate how your own business is working. Analyze data over the past few months, map out successful strategies, and prepare to perform optimizations when you get back online .

3 Helpful Email List Building Strategies For Business Owners

Evaluate the possibility of selling over the internet  Lebanon Email List Depending on the nature of your business, it may be considered by local authorities as essential, which will allow it to function, even if only partially. So it’s important to check the latest information and see if you fit into that context. If not, look for alternatives. If you already have an e-commerce platform and make sales over the internet, you have half done to keep your sales flow, even if it changes. If you don’t have an online store yet, don’t panic. Lebanon Email List  There are simple tools to use that can solve your problem, like Shopify and Cloudshop . The site allows the agile creation of a store to display and sell your products, including several payment methods. Other than that, depending on the CMS used to manage your website, there are features that also allow you to create an online store in a simple way. In the worst case, you can take orders via social media or the phone, make Lebanon Email List  deliveries and offer the customer to pick up the product.

Email List Building – 4 Essential Tips You Need To Know To Build Your Email List

To receive payment, simply rely on a credit card Lebanon Email List  processing system or join a specialized platform such as PayPal. Strengthen the sense of community A time of crisis like the one caused by the coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity for you to strengthen ties with your local community. In this way, it is possible to leave this moment with even greater support Lebanon Email List  from the region’s residents and, in the end, end up winning over new customers. Therefore, focus your communication efforts on the humanization of the brand . Show the effects that distancing has had on your business, but at the same time, encourage your audience to take the necessary precautions to stop the progress of the pandemic and avoid overloading the health system. Speaking in terms of marketing Lebanon Email List which, we remind you, should not be the focus — these attitudes will strengthen your image and even generate some authority for your business.

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