If you enjoyed this story, please give us a review or Chad Email List rating on your favorite podcast app, and tell your friends. And if you have a comment or a question for the team at Vega Coffee, let us hear from you. Just go to ssir click on this episode—“A Fair Deal for Coffee Growers”—and find the comment link near the top of the page… In our next episode, Chad Email List Nigeria can be an inhospitable place for smallholder agriculture. But it may be the best bet to create enough jobs for the exploding population of unemployed youth. Kola Masha 32:13 We make smallholder farmers richer, and in turn, an economic buffer that would halt the spread of violence and insurgencies Chad Email List. Jonathan Levine 32:24 Stemming the tide of violence in Africa’s most populous nation by making farming more profitable for young people.

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That’s next time on Uncharted Ground… This episode was Chad Email List reported and written by Kathleen Schalch and produced by me. Jennifer Goren edited the story, Tina Tobey provided sound editing and design, and Alejandra Reina helped with translation. Our thanks to Rob Terenzi, Noushin Ketabi, and Will DeLuca, and their entire team at Vega Coffee. Uncharted Ground is produced and distributed in partnership with the Stanford Social Innovation Chad Email List Review at Stanford University, and online at ssir.org. I’m Jonathan Levine, and you’ve been on Uncharted Ground. expense, they would have a say in it, because the farmer members own a big chunk of the company. Back when the Gates Foundation invested $4 million in the business Chad Email List, those equity shares were distributed to farmers to make sure they have a voice in how the business is run.

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As a group, they control about 24 percent of the company Chad Email List today and even have veto rights, Kola says, over things like how much the company charges them for fertilizer. Kola Masha 43:57 You know, we wanted to ensure that we were building an organization that would be working for our members, the farmers. Jonathan Levine 44:04 So at the end of the day Chad Email List, farmers are not just suppliers in the market. They’re also stakeholders in the business, and that assures the social mission of the company will always be front and center. Jonathan Levine 44:20 2021 is a breakout year for Babban Gona. After working in just five states Chad Email List in the northwest region of Nigeria for nearly a decade, it has expanded to more than half of the country’s 36 states.

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