be an argument for Pakistan Phone Number List  diversifying your video content by posting it on different platforms and making it optimized for a range of devices. 85% of adults watch content on more than one device at the same time Source: Sparq Marketing 39. Shoppable videos are beginning to show higher conversion rates than display ads Shoppable videos are becoming more popular, and they could be just the ticket for streamlining your business funnel. Pakistan Phone Number List Shoppable video ads on social media platforms like Instagram allow users to click straight through from a video and purchase products advertised or featured within the ad. These types of features are increasing conversion rates for businesses, by reducing the number of clicks between the ad and the checkout page. As such, the conversion rates for shoppable video ads are beginning to exceed those of traditional display ads, Pakistan Phone Number List and this trend is set to

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continue into 2022 and beyond. Source: Internet Retailing Visual content statistics sources Biteable Brain Rules BuzzSumo Cisco Content Marketing Institute Facebook Newsroom Pakistan Phone Number List Foap HubSpot HubSpot Content Trends HubSpot Social Media Trends Instagram Business Internet Retailing Perkins Coie Smart Insights Sparq Marketing Statista Think With Google Twitter Venngage WeAreSocial/Hootsuite Wyzowl Conclusion And that wraps up our roundup of the latest visual content statistics and trends. Now you should have a good idea about the current state of visual content. Pakistan Phone Number List As you can see, visual content plays an essential part in all types of marketing from SEO to social media. Hopefully, these statistics have helped you learn more about the best ways to make use of visual elements within your content marketing strategy. Related Reading: Content marketing

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