And without reading glasses? Also read: Get out of the crowd with your newsletter! This is how HelloFresh, Nuud & 3 others do it 1. Young people are also positive about e-mail Despite the age of e-mail, young adults also seem to appreciate Ecuador Phone Number List as an e-mail. All Dutch people born at the beginning of this millennium experienced their youth in the founding years of Facebook (2004), WhatsApp (2009), and Instagram (2010).

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They were not born in the founding year of email (1971). Yet these young Dutch people have not turned their backs on e-mail. In fact, if the message is important, this group of Dutch people would rather receive a message via email than via social media. So, as a marketer, don’t think that you can no longer reach a young audience with e-mail.

Ecuador Phone Number List
Ecuador Phone Number List

Try to find out the age of your e-mail recipients and how this specific group of young Dutch people appreciate your mailings. Perhaps the results are just as surprising as the numbers from the National E-mail Survey 2021: National E-mail Research 2021 one of the statements.

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