searching at release ads than they do Chile WhatsApp Number List on other social media structures. Source: Twitter Agency Playbook 22. You’re 2.3x much more likely to meet your KPIs in case you market new product launches on Twitter As you can see, inclusive of Twitter in your release plans is critical. Twitter customers want to try new Chile WhatsApp Number List matters, so it’s a tremendous product discovery platform and location to marketplace new releases. You’re 2.3x much more likely to meet your KPIs in case you market new product launches on Twitter Source: Twitter Agency Playbook 23. Brand’s that spend greater on Twitter are visible as extra culturally applicable… Research has exposed an 88% correlation among Twitter spend and target audience Chile WhatsApp Number List perceptions of a logo’s cultural relevance. This makes feel, given Twitter’s vicinity within the social area. It’s the definitive real-time public

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conversation platform and where manufacturers go to construct cultural relevance. Source: Twitter Agency Playbook 24. …And brands which can be extra culturally relevant drive greater sales Again, there’s Chile WhatsApp Number List any other correlation here – 73% between cultural relevance and sales. Therefore, it’s a beneficial platform for marketers and agencies trying to increase sales, that is all of them, right? And brands that are extra culturally relevant power extra sales Source: Twitter Chile WhatsApp Number List Agency Playbook 25. Ninety seven% of Twitter users attention on visuals As this statistic suggests, Twitter is a visible platform. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you’re together with alluring visuals for your Tweets in case you want to maximise engagement. Chile WhatsApp Number List Source: Twitter Agency Playbook 26. Using Twitter Amplify drives sixty eight% extra awareness Twitter Amplify allows marketers to monetize video content

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