that could reach Twitter audiences China WhatsApp Number List at the large scale. According to Twitter, Amplify can force sixty eight% greater consciousness in addition to 24% extra message association. Source: Twitter Agency Playbook 27. Timeline Takeovers pressure 3x greater ad consider and consciousness Timeline takeovers are China WhatsApp Number List a kind of mass-reach placements that placed your autoplay video ads at the top of users’ timelines for 24-hours. These advertisements are superb-powerful on the subject of building emblem consciousness and carry out higher than different varieties of Twitter ads China WhatsApp Number List . Source: Twitter Agency Playbook 28. Trend Takeovers power 3x higher message affiliation and 9x higher favorability metrics Like the above, that is a sort of ad placement that ‘takes over’ the users tab. Trend takeovers place your ads along what else is trending at the top of the Explore tab. This

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form of advert is extremely powerful when it comes to message association and favorability. Source: Twitter Agency Playbook 29. Twitter is the top platform for emblem interaction If you’re seeking to build a strong logo China WhatsApp Number List presence on social media and have interaction with your customers, Twitter is the area to do it. According to the Twitter Agency Playbook document, Twitter is the number 1 social media platform for purchaser-emblem interaction. 29. Twitter is the pinnacle platform for emblem interplay Source: Twitter Agency Playbook 30. Twitter has seen a 35% yr-over-year boom in global ad engagement China WhatsApp Number List Twitter is turning into increasingly more popular with entrepreneurs way to excessive tiers of advert engagement.

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