a top-level plan for your blog. It Comoros Email List  needs Comoros Email List to be crystal clear so you know exactly where your blog is going. Think of it like a business plan. And, if your goal is to earn a living from your blog – that’s exactly what you need. The web is full of business plan templates but most would need a little rejigging to be Comoros Email List suitable for blogging. Comoros Email List Regardless, it’s a valid exercise. Even the business plan I wrote for a recording studio complex at University got me thinking on an entirely different level about business. Even if you don’t do a full plan for your blog, it would Comoros Email List be helpful to cover off the first few sections of a typical business Comoros Email List plan. For example: Executive summary – It sounds more complicated than it is. Ultimately, this comes down to understanding who you will Comoros Email List serve,

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and how you will serve them. Mission statement – Identify your why. It’s the difference between a blog that thrives and a blog that fails to reach its potential. Business objectives – Identify the Comoros Email List single most important metric (e.g. gross profit), then give yourself a specific amount of revenue and a time frame to reach it by. You may want to highlight other objectives which is fine, but it helps to have a single north-star metric. Market research – We’ve already talked Comoros Email List about audience personas which are a big part of this. Work towards understanding your niche, and the people in it. Competitor research – Competition is different for bloggers than it is for businesses and it’s important to remember that. In many cases, where Comoros Email List traditional businesses would see

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