determining which pages will rank. This is Togo Email List  great news for consumers that prefer speedy loading, but bad news for website owners if your site has slow load speeds. 10 Average mobile page 7 seconds Source: Think With Google 11. Website users look at the top left corner of your website first This is the ‘primary optical area Togo Email List ’ and it’s where the user’s eyes are first drawn. Designers can use this knowledge about how your customers’ gaze moves across their page to influence their landing page layouts. For example, you might want to move your value proposition or whatever elements you want your customers Togo Email List to see first to the top left corner of the page Source: CXL 12. Website viewers spend 80% of their time looking at the left half of your pages According to Nielsen Norman,

Address From Phone Number – How to Find It

users spend the majority of their time on a page looking at the Togo Email List left. For this reason, a conventional layout with top or left-hand navigation bars and priority content in the center is likely to improve user experience and profitability. 12 Website viewers look left Source: Nielsen Norman Group 13. 70% of small businesses don’t have a CTA on Togo Email List their website homepage CTA’s also known as ‘calls to action’ are a key component of good web design. They encourage users to take action which drives conversions, lead generation, and sales. However, despite it being a well-known fact that CTA’s are a necessary element for Togo Email List any web homepage, 70% of businesses don’t feature one. Source: Business2Community 14. Users spend 5.94 seconds looking at the main website image,

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