The Ministry of Social Development, through the National Directorate of Data Transfers and Analysis, began a process of redesigning the monetary transfer Uruguay Social Card Bahamas Email Lists (TUS) to be used only in businesses that work with items related to first-rate products. necessity, such as food, personal hygiene and home cleaning. The TUS is a monetary transfer granted to households in situations of extreme socioeconomic vulnerability. These changes will impact the selection and approval of the Solidarity Shops that work with the TUS, given the finding that the items of hundreds Bahamas Email Lists of adhered businesses do not involve food or basic necessities. The redesign consists of four stages: In the first stage of this process, a review was begun of all the businesses that currently make Bahamas Email Lists up the Solidarity Business Network and that amount to a total of approximately 7,000 throughout the country. Some 500 businesses that do not fit into the new guidelines have already been identified and will be terminated.

These 500 stores include cotillion, veterinary, electrical appliance and computer stores, hardware stores, spare parts and mechanical workshops, subscriber television service, among Bahamas Email Lists others. Likewise, approximately 1,000 businesses were identified to be reviewed for not having an item classification or for lack of information. The regularization and cancellation of these businesses will be done gradually, respecting the conditions of the adhesion contracts and previously communicating the resolution to each business. The second stage involves the review of the conditions to integrate the Register of POS Provider Companies. These companies provide the platform of means of payment to businesses so that they can accept cards Bahamas Email Lists. The new conditions will imply that these Bahamas Email Lists companies must provide IT solutions to disable the purchase of products not authorized by MIDES (such as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, among others) with the TUS. This measure is complementary to current regulations that prohibit businesses from selling this type of product with the TUS. A third stage will aim to find agreements with suppliers to facilitate access to products related to early childhood for beneficiaries of the


Crianza Bonus. The objective of the Bono Bahamas Email Lists Crianza is to mitigate child poverty and reduce its severity and magnitude in these households. It will be aimed at the approximately 30,000 poorest households with children from 0 to 4 years old. During 2022 it will have an approximate value of $ 2,000 per month per child. The fourth stage refers to the improvement and strengthening of the audit tasks of Solidarity Shops, ensuring adequate follow-up of complaints to guarantee the rights of all beneficiaries. After several meetings between authorities, the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, and the Minister of Social Development, Martín Lema, agreed that the National Directorate for the Support of the Bahamas Email Lists Liberated (DINALI) would become dependent on MIDES. This change will be included in the Accountability bill that is being discussed in the Senate. DINALI currently depends on the Secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, according to the provisions of Article 163 of Law 19,355 of December 19, 2015. Minister Lema will Bahamas Email Lists present an additive to the Accountability Bill on Thursday 23 when he appears together to the ministerial cabinet before the Budget Committee integrated with the Senate Treasury. The Ministries of Interior and Social Development work in close coordination, a situation that will be strengthened if the transfer is approved.

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