that assumption couldn’t be further Congo Email List from the truth. On the contrary, Facebook Messenger continues to grow rapidly. According to Inc, Messenger gets around 100 million new users every five to six months. That works out at around 555,555 to 666,666 (I know, creepy) new users every day. Source: Inc6. Over 7 billion conversations Congo Email List take place on Messenger every day That equates to over 2 and a half trillion conversations each year. In other words, it’s a lot. If we compare this figure to the number of active users, we can detract that, on average, each user has over 5 conversations on Messenger Congo Email List every day. Source: Inc 7. 2.5 million Messenger groups are started every day Most messages sent through Messenger are direct, i.e. they’re sent to a single person.

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However, a large number of Messengers are also Congo Email List sent via group chat. Messenger makes it easy to communicate with several people at once. All you have to do is start a group chat, add all the people you want to reach, and send a message. That single message will go to all the people in the chat. The average group has 10 people Congo Email List in it. Source: Inc 8. Over 150 million video calls are made on Messenger every day Messenger isn’t just for direct text messaging. Many people also use it as a voice or video call platform. In fact, more than 150 million video calls go through the platform every Congo Email List single day. That’s even more than many other dedicated video calling apps. Source: Facebook News2 9. Over 200 million videos are sent via Messenger People don’t just use

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