We do this by mapping the “green shoots” of change Andorra Email List happening across the industry, producing briefings with stories of how the industry is embracing purpose, publishing reports mapping stories of cause-related innovation, and hosting events where industry innovators share their stories of change. We use individual stories to build evidence of what we call “a wave of purpose disruption.” We explain how this wave is sweeping the industry, drawing analogies Andorra Email List between it and previous waves of change like globalization and digitalization. This work of connecting the dots and creating a bigger narrative around them is critical to building a movement of change within the industry. Illuminating and amplifying outliers is central to many other systemic initiatives. The Finance Innovation Lab, for example, states that it builds awareness of alternative Andorra Email List models and ideas emerging in finance, while Tech for Good Global shines a spotlight on technology used for social impact.

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Shining a light on the future “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny Andorra Email List but in ourselves.” —William Shakespeare Systems change can involve painting compelling visions of alternative futures. We can use story to create immersive scenarios of the future that engage people on an emotional and intellectual level. This work can make the possible feel more probable, bring new perspectives that challenge the goals and mindsets of a system, and enable the transformation of rules and processes. Stories of the future—Utopia, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under Andorra Email List the Sea, Blade Runner, and others—have entertained us for hundreds of years. Increasingly, people are trying to use this imaginative capacity of story to create visions of the future that change how people act in the present. Take Carnage, a recent, feature-length, BBC mockumentary Andorra Email List about veganism by comedian Simon Amstell.

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It is set in 2067, in a world where meat, eggs, and dairy are outlawed Andorra Email List, and teenagers weep at the thought of their grandparents’ “carnist” pasts. The Independent newspaper’s TV reviewer wrote, “I’m not a vegan, but after watching Carnage, I’m even more certain that I should be,” while another critic wrote that the show made “veganism seem more optimistic than sanctimonious.” Within the field of systems change, practitioners are increasingly inspired by such examples. Charlene Collinson from the sustainability nonprofit Forum for the Future has spent years thinking Andorra Email List about story’s role in helping people realize that their present actions will shape the future. “A lot of scenarios are dry and normative,” Collinson said in an interview. “I’m interested in how we can use robust futures data to create more immersive experiences. Something happens Andorra Email List when people connect emotionally and suddenly realize that this is about their children.”

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