First of all, we need to say that you can’t Bhutan Email List  create localization on Instagram Bermuda Email List. But rest assured, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to do it. The truth is, we’re not going to teach you how to create locations on Instagram, but on Facebook, which is the only way to create locations. The two social Bermuda Email List networks are connected and, therefore, some activities are done exclusively on Facebook, such as creating a location . It is also possible to advertise on Instagram without having a social network account, as long as you have a rampage Bermuda Email List . So, to create the location, you need to follow these steps: 1. open the Facebook app on your mobile — the browser version does not allow this option as it is necessary to use Bermuda Email List. click on the text box where it says “What are you thinking about today?”; 3. look for the “Check-in” option in the text box; {insert image }.

Attention: if you don’t see the option to add a new location

Facebook is blocked from accessing your location. Bermuda Email List It is then necessary to give permission on the pop-up that appears on the screen; 7. go back to step 5 after allowing your location; 8. A screen will open asking which is the category of the place whose location you want to add. Check which of them fits your business, and the choice can be made through the suggestions that appear below or in the box written “Search category” Bermuda Email List after choosing the category, Facebook will open a new screen, where the options for placing name, address, photo, zip code and city appear, in addition to positioning on the map; 10. you can check the checkbox “I am here now” so that the location is obtained through the cell phone’s GPS; 11. after completing the filling, click on “Create” so that the data will be Bermuda Email List  saved and the location will be created successfully. After performing these steps on Facebook, we can now place the new location in tags on Instagram and on Facebook as well.

Adding the geolocation tag

Instagram calls this element, is pretty simple Bermuda Email List . See how: 1. click on the “+” located on the main screen; 2. choose the photo or video you want to publish and click “Next”; 3. choose the filter or edit the chosen photo or video and click “Next”; 4. write the text, mark people (if you wish) and click on “Add location”; 5. selecione o local, se já estiver na lista de sugestão Bermuda Email List , ou digite na linha onde está escrito “Encontre uma localização”; 6. clique na opção desejada e automaticamente o Instagram volta para a tela da etapa 4; 7. confira se está tudo certo e clique em “Compartilhar”, Bermuda Email List  no canto direito superior da tela. É importante lembrar que o tempo de aceitação da rede social para uma nova localização é variável, ou seja, pode ser aceita automaticamente ou levar um tempo Bermuda Email List . Portanto, recomendamos que, caso deseje fazer um novo post com uma nova localização, crie a localização com antecedência. Como editar a localização de posts no Instagram? Se os posts antigos da sua empresa não tinham a Bermuda Email List  marcação de local ou você deseja mudar a marcação antiga, é possível criar uma nova localização no posts antigos.

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