Look at the situation as broadly as possible. Then make a shortlist of the pluses, select the most appealing from them. Now come up with a completely Israel Phone Number List different name for the activity or event, putting more emphasis on this benefit. Also read: This is how you get into a flow more easily Criticism If you want to use your creativity to the fullest, you need to be able to turn criticism on and off at the right times.

 The Holidays frame of reference

It is best to come up with ideas uncritically, but when selecting the ideas with which you will work, you must dare to be critical and you must be able to receive criticism in order to sharpen your ideas. Can you do that? Then your creative freedom will increase. To throw yourself and a group of colleagues in the deep end and practice with criticism, you can organize a ‘slaughter back session’. Stand in a room with a group of colleagues.

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Israel Phone Number List

One colleague gives a presentation about a completed project. The other colleagues listen carefully and meanwhile come up with ways to bring this project down as hard as possible. That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? That is exactly the intention: in no time this meeting will become a caricature of itself. By looking up an extreme situation once, you create a frame of reference. You never want to experience something like that in reality.

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