Instagram Shopping also benefits small entrepreneurs, those who don’t even have a website or simply choose to do all of their business on the platform. On this product information page, while you can insert a link directing the user to the site, you can also place a checkout button, without South Africa Email List  going to any other page . This option allows the purchase to be completed within Instagram, further optimizing the process. This makes it possible for small businesses to have a store on Instagram in an integral way, with a lean and fully functional infrastructure. Through influencers One of the most valuable strategies in terms of social media, influence marketing still gets one more tool when it comes South Africa Email List  to Instagram Shopping. The platform created the possibility of influencer profiles to use product tags in their posts , that is, these people can direct their followers to buy these products. It is quite common for fashion influencers to receive questions in their comments about the brand of their clothes and where to get them. From this, Instagram found a great solution that can generate advantages for both South Africa Email List  influencers and brands. Companies can, through these people who represent their brands, precisely reach their target audience, generating conversions with much shorter cycles . Those who make a living with an Instagram profile can ally themselves with brands, receiving both a percentage of sales and the advertising of the post.

Why use Instagram Shopping

It is indisputable the fact that Digital Marketing needs South Africa Email List  resources that optimize the purchasing process. When we talk about Instagram Shopping, in addition to enabling this, it also offers a very effective advertising opportunity, as, at the same time it shows your products, it offers the opportunity to buy them instantly . Although indirectly, using this Instagram tool is also taking South Africa Email List  advantage of a series of features that would not always be possible directly in a traditional e-commerce , or combining the virtual store with traditional marketing . Here are the reasons you should consider to start using Instagram Shopping. Safe and advanced features Anyone who buys online is always concerned about the safety of the environment, after all, it is necessary to enter personal and financial information South Africa Email List . Therefore, Instagram Shopping is a completely safe tool, which allows you to checkout without risk to the buyer’s data. New brands also share this concern and don’t always have the resources to keep a website functional and secure. Thus, using Instagram Shopping’s own checkout can be a great way to South Africa Email List  maintain a safe and optimized relationship with the public , thanks to the tool’s features.

Optimization of the purchasing process

The traditional shopping process on the web is South Africa Email List  usually seen in a very simple way: the user visits the e-commerce, likes the product and buys, or he sees the item on the store’s Instagram, goes to the website and buys. As easy as these cycles are, Instagram Shopping was able to streamline them even more. If this user is scrolling through the feed and finds a product he South Africa Email List  likes, it is much easier for him to make the purchase right there, without having to go to another environment . This ease and convenience can be decisive factors in driving more conversions, thanks to a streamlined, one-stop process. Generating traffic to the website If the brand needs to increase website traffic, registering more products on Instagram Shopping can be a great resource. Thus, it is possible to use the social network as a showcase that attracts qualified audiences to visit this site , as long as the checkout integrated in the South Africa Email List  platform is not used, of course. So, in addition to getting this traffic, there is still the opportunity to generate more sales, as this visitor is in an environment with more products that he can explore. This way, in addition to the extra visits, it is possible to increase the average ticket and the store’s revenue!

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