cloud hosting, dedicated hosting Brazil Phone Number List and even Minecraft hosting. hostinger vps hosting They offer two VPS hosting services: unmanaged, cloud-based VPS and the same service but with the CyberPanel control panel installed and preconfigured. The latter option is optimized for WordPress and non-technical users. Brazil Phone Number List The host’s regular VPS hosting service is ideal for developers who want more control over their servers. These servers Brazil Phone Number List are built for Linux with auto installers available for CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Suse. Plus, you have full root access, so you can install whatever operating system and control panel you want. While you’ll be in charge of keeping your OS and control panel up to date, Brazil Phone Number List you will have server monitoring, server security via BitNinja, advanced DDoS protection and other custom-built tools for server infrastructure handled for you. The CyberPanel VPS

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hosting service is essentially the same service with the same set of resources. This includes 1 to 8 vCPU cores, 1 to 16GB of RAM and 20 to 250GB of SSD storage. The CyberPanel control Brazil Phone Number List panel is preconfigured with this hosting service. It allows you to install WordPress and other content management systems in a few clicks, something that’s a lot more complicated to do with the host’s other VPS service. Developers and advanced users will enjoy Git Brazil Phone Number List deployment, WordPress staging, one-click backup and restore, WP-CLI, and SSH access with this service. Plus, CyberPanel uses LiteSpeed Cache, which comes with its own Web Access Firewall (WAF) for advanced server security. Hostinger also offers domains Brazil Phone Number List and email hosting. Key Features Unmanaged VPS servers Auto installers for OSs and web scripts Up to 8 vCPU cores Up to 16GB of RAM Up to 250GB

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