Next, configure your form’s Latvia Phone Number List styles to your liking, then save your changes to generate your shortcode: strong testimonials view shortcode All you need to do now is add the shortcode wherever you want to collect testimonials from customers: strong testimonials form shortcode This will display the form on the frontend of your site: strong testimonials form frontend Step 4: Add existing testimonials to your site The testimonial submission Latvia Phone Number List form is an effective way to collect testimonials from customers through marketing campaigns. However, what if you Latvia Phone Number List already have “testimonials” in the form of reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp? Plus, what if you want to gather testimonials by contacting customers directly and having them provide their testimonials via email or word of mouth? What if you want to gather them by citing quotes from blog and YouTube reviews?

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Strong Testimonials offers two ways for you to add Latvia Phone Number List testimonials to your site without a form. First, you can navigate to Testimonials → Add New to add testimonials manually. strong testimonials add testimonial Here, you can use the classic editor to input your testimonial, the Client Details section to add your Latvia Phone Number List customer’s personal information and the featured image uploader to assign an image. You can also set up an excerpt to use in the next step. If you purchase the second-tier premium plan or higher, you can also use the External Platform Importer extension to import reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, WooCommerce and Zomato. Step 5: Create a view for your testimonials Head back to the Views page to Latvia Phone Number List generate a shortcode for your testimonials. This time, leave the default Display mode selected, and give your view a descriptive name, such as “Most Recent Testimonials.”

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