can’t just switch over to  UAE Mobile Number Database  Facebook, for instance, to write an optimized post for that platform like you can with other tools, such as SocialBee, a scheduling tool that’s much cheaper. If you want to write longer posts for platforms that support them in Sprout Social, you’ll need to compose separate drafts. UAE Mobile Number Database I also experienced a bit of input lag when I composed new posts. The app had trouble keeping up when I typed quickly, freezing for a few seconds before the message I typed would appear. Sprout Social also doesn’t have post variants like SocialBee does. This is probably UAE Mobile Number Database because their auto queue feature is pretty lackluster for such an expensive platform. You can’t re-queue posts like you can in SocialBee or Agorapulse, a tool that’s much more comparable to Sprout Social. You also can’t use the Social Listening tool as a free trial UAE Mobile Number Database user without requesting a demo. This is

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unfortunate since Sprout Social doesn’t offer refunds, so you’ll need to pay money you won’t get back to use this tool to its fullest potential, and Sprout Social is not cheap. I’d also prefer to have UAE Mobile Number Database a Collections feature for the Social Listening tool rather than having to start conversations about individual posts you want to save. Sprout Social pricing Sprout Social has three plans that determine the number of profiles you can manage and which UAE Mobile Number Database features you have access to. The first is the Standard plan, which costs $99/month or $1,068/year ($89/month) per user. This plan supports five profiles, though you can purchase additional profiles for a nominal fee without having to upgrade to the Professional plan. This UAE Mobile Number Database plan also includes basic features for Sprout Social’s core functionalities. The Professional and Advanced plans each support 10 profiles (with more available for purchase) and

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