Campbell Myths are the meta-stories we use to explain Armenia Email List the universe and our place in it. As Harari describes in his book, to be human is to live in myth; our civilizations have always been based in them. Working with myth is integral to the work of changing the values, mindsets, rules, and goals of a system. These stories have a deep effect on our psyche and collective direction of travel. Today, the systemic power of myth is brutally visible in extremist groups, from the heady theology of Islamic State’s tweets, videos, and essays, to the underpinnings of contemporary N Armenia Email List eo-Nazism. Some argue that alongside these potent uses of myth, liberal democracies are facing a “myth gap.” As FSG managing director Mark Kramer wrote in an SSIR article, “The challenge today is not merely that we have dysfunctional systems nor that we lack innovative solutions Armenia Email List to our society’s problems. Instead, it’s that our country has no unifying narrative that binds us all to a common fate.”

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There are an increasing number of initiatives designed to stimulate Armenia Email List new meta-narratives. One of these was the New Story Summit in 2014, which bought together hundreds of people from across the globe to “support the emergence of a coherent new story for humanity.” The event didn’t result in a singular new story, but rather highlighted common themes in different story traditions, such as interdependence with the natural world. It left Robin Alfred, one of the Armenia Email List lead facilitators, asking in an interview whether it’s even possible to engineer new myths: “Can stories of the magnitude and potency that we need be written in the same way as, say, a novel or short story? Or do they emerge from the zeitgeist, from the culture, from the ethic of the time?” The summit showed both the problems that emerge in a search for a single narrative and the value Armenia Email List in exploring the common themes in diverse mythic narratives.

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In The Myth Gap: What Happens When Evidence and Arguments Armenia Email List Aren’t Enough, author Alex Evans develops this idea of the principles that need to underlie new myths. He believes we can use “our powers of collective storytelling to imagine a future in which it all goes right, creating a myth about redemption and restoration that adds up, if you like, to an Eden 2.0.” But rather than try and create this story himself, he outlines three principles for 21st-century myths: a larger us, a longer now, and a better good life. Jane Riddiford demonstrates these mythic Armenia Email List principles in practical ways. Her charity Global Generation works on community integration in central London, bringing together residents with businesses, developers, and the natural world. Armenia Email List The charity’s headquarters is the iconic Skip Garden—a mobile urban food garden in the middle of the King’s Cross development site.

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