The competition and the many changes in the world. Korsten tells a story from which you learn a lot and what you get out of your fixed. There are often always on campaigns: these campaigns run all year round. Think of paid campaigns on Sri-Lanka Phone Number List Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. You achieve good results with the campaigns. Within the organization where you work, people want to pick up on the holidays and they ask you for help.

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How are you going to set this up within your account structure? And how can you best deal with the current ongoing campaigns? We often come across it: we are going to do a Christmas promotion! Products are sold at a discount and the advertiser will use the budget to promote these products. At the beginning of January it is time to evaluate: how did the campaign go?

Sri-Lanka Phone Number List
Sri-Lanka Phone Number List

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While this is very important. A good SMART objective determines whether your campaigns have been a success or not. Also for the holidays: make what you want to achieve concrete, check whether it is acceptable and realistic and attach a timeline to it. That will help you determine whether you have run a successful campaign or not.

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