customers get their news on the platform Canada WhatsApp Number List This makes Twitter one of the maximum news-centered social platforms, alongside Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. 71% of Twitter users get their information on the platform Source: Pew Research Center3 15. The average Twitter consumer spends three.53 Canada WhatsApp Number List minutes at the platform in keeping with session That’s virtually quite low and places Twitter in the back of competitor structures like Facebook (four.Eighty two minutes), Reddit (four.96 mins), and even Tumblr (four.04 minutes). TikTok is the runaway winner in terms Canada WhatsApp Number List of common consultation length, with the average consumer spending 10.Eighty five mins at the app. The average Twitter person spends three.Fifty three minutes at the platform consistent with session Source: Statista4 Twitter facts for marketers Planning on using Twitter to marketplace your

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enterprise? Here’s what you need to recognize first. Sixteen. Eighty two% of B2B content material marketers use Twitter This is primarily based on facts from the Content Marketing Institute and Canada WhatsApp Number List represents the wide variety of entrepreneurs that used the platform for organic content advertising over a 12 month duration. Twitter ties with Facebook, which changed into also used by eighty two% of B2B marketers. Only LinkedIn was greater popular – it become v utilized by 96% of B2B marketers. Source: Content Marketing Institute 17. Twitter drives 40% more ROI than different social channels ROI is regularly hard to calculate, in particular in terms of social media. However, according to Twitter Agency Playbook, Twitter is the clear winner on theCanada WhatsApp Number List subject of advertising ROI. The data display that Twitter drives round 40% extra ROI than different systems. Source: Twitter

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