The summer period is a good time to reflect on the question: ‘Do you still get enough energy from your work?’ Happiness at work starts with yourself, and if you are a happier person, you will automatically work more productively and smarter. In this summer read, Sanne Bekkema shares the most interesting learnings from 15 articles about ‘working smarter’. So that you can get back to work fresh, goal-oriented, happy and with a new dose of self-knowledge. Do you also want tips for content, book tips or just read up on communication trends and developments? Here you will find our other summer reads .


The 6 hidden gems of Google Ads

If you’re not an experienced Google Ads VP Maintenance Email Lists user (yet), there’s a chance you’re not aware of some hidden features. Guy Schepers helps you on your way in his article with 6 functions to boost your campaigns. 

That the question ‘which prejudices irritate you most as a communication professional?’ of my colleague Claire van Helsdingen on LinkedIn and Facebook , is actually an understatement. People don’t seem to understand what it means to do ‘something with communication’ and that can sometimes be quite frustrating. One thing is for sure, you are not alone! In this article you will find 6 prejudices that you should be done with.


This was the top 10 of July 2022. Are you curious about the most popular articles from other months? You can find it here .

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