purchase the user will be. For an SEO strategy, it’s important to work with these two types of terms to reach potential customers every step of the way. Then  Seychelles Email List better understand each one of them. Keywords long tail Head Tail Head tail keywords are broad and generic and are often used at the beginning of the shopping journey.  Seychelles Email List At this point, the consumer still doesn’t know what he needs, so he starts with this type of search and then makes the search more specific. Generally, head tail terms have a Seychelles Email List high search volume, which tends to generate a lot of traffic, but also attract a very broad audience, with little chance of conversion. They also tend to have a lot of competition for the top positions, which makes ranking difficult. This is the case, for example, with searches like these: Marketing; Personal marketing; Digital marketing; business marketing; Traditional marketing. Long Tail The long tail keywords, also called the long Seychelles Email List  tail, are more specific and are often used at the end of the journey.

Email List Building in 5 Easy Steps

Consumers have already researched better about what they need to solve their needs, they already know the solutions better, but they are still looking for information to make Seychelles Email List their final decision. Unlike head tail, long tail keywords do not tend to generate as much traffic as they have less search volume. On the other hand, they attract visitors who are more mature to purchase and tend to generate more conversions. In addition, ranking can be facilitated, as there is less competition for them. If the user was interested in marketing, for example, now he can search for more specific terms related to the topic. The specificity of the terms will depend on the need that the person needs to solve, for example: Seychelles Email List  Marketing consultancy, prices; Where to take a marketing course; How much does a marketer earn.

Beginner Tips for Building An Outstanding Email List

Keyword Tools Want some help with researching terms and identifying the best opportunities? Keyword tools are for that. They are essential in planning your SEO strategy Seychelles Email List , as they help you find term ideas, understand their potential and competitiveness, and rank them to define optimization priorities. There are free and paid tools for this. Free tools help you perform specific actions in the search. Among them, the main ones are: Google Ads Keyword Planner, to check search volume and cost per click; Keyword Tool and Ubersuggest, to generate keyword lists and idea Seychelles Email List  Google Search Console, to check which words are already driving traffic to the site and opportunities; Google Trends, to check search trends for terms. In the image below, you can see a search in Google Ads keyword planner: Google Keyword Planner The paid tools are usually more complete, Seychelles Email List  with powerful features for keyword research. They present term suggestions based on search volume, clicks, ranking difficulty, among other data.

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