to be on the safe side and consult legal Italy Email List advice in your jurisdiction. Q: How do you pick a winner for an Instagram giveaway? If you’re running a contest based on skill, for example, choosing the most creative comment or best photo, then selecting a winner is at your discretion. But if you’re running a sweepstake where the competition is based Italy Email List on chance, then you’d need to select a winner at random. You can export your Instagram comments into a spreadsheet using GetCombot. Or, you could use a social media contest tool like Sweep Widget, which can randomize your entries and choose a winner with Italy Email List one click of a button. Q: How do you do a giveaway on Instagram? Running a successful

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Instagram contest comes down to 4 steps: Set Italy Email List a goal: what metric do you wish to increase as a result of this competition? Is it likes, follows, email subscribers, sales? Choose a prize: select a prize that’s ideally relevant to your brand and enticing to your audience. Develop a plan: set your entry methods, giveaway Italy Email List deadlines, rules, and promotion schedule. Select a winner: choose your winner by skill or chance and announce the results to your followers. Follow the rules! You must be compliant to avoid any possible policy violations. Here’s a definitive guide to Instagram’s contest rules and promotion Italy Email List guidelines. Ideas for giveaways on Instagram Instagram giveaway ideas are abundant

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