with that. It’s important to do – your blog Burkina Faso Email List is one of your best assets for building an email list. But, the step that most people miss is creating dedicated landing pages for each lead magnet. And to be clear, when I say landing pages, I mean a conversion-focused landing page that is free from distractions – not just a regular blog Burkina Faso Email List page with a sidebar. Regular pages are horrible for conversions. Conversion-focused landing pages are where it’s at. Here’s an example of one I use for my VIP resource library: 07 Example from VIP resources I used Leadpages to create this landing page by tweaking an Burkina Faso Email List existing template. It’s not fully optimized yet and hasn’t been split-tested. But it converts at around 30% which is pretty good. When most opt-in forms

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a blog convert below 1%, it’s easy to see why landing Burkina Faso Email List pages are so important. Now, that’s one landing page but I have 15+ lead magnets. And you may have a bunch of them yourself. …. That’s an opportunity, right there! So, I created a dedicated landing page for one of our recent articles on Pinterest hashtags. I duplicated Burkina Faso Email List the page, swapped out the hero image and tweaked the copy. 08 Dedicated landing page example Then, I had my designer create a few different Pinterest images. Shared them to a few Pinterest boards and here’s what happened: I got around 10 new subscribers Burkina Faso Email List within the first 30 minutes. They weren’t shared anywhere else and no paid traffic was sent to the page. Your mileage may vary, but regardless,

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