To avoid major delivery risks, companies opt for long-term agreements with room for short-term adjustments. For the ‘war on talent’, companies will invest more in binding and captivating employees, so excel in employee experience and involvement. Due to the shortages in the labor market, the number of labor migrants continues to grow, as does the Singapore Phone Number List need to better regulate matters such as housing and social security.Also, read The strategy for a successful company, even after corona Strong together On the other hand, corona leads.

Looking Ahead to more togetherness

The number of people, companies, and countries that often help each other selflessly is enormous. In uncertain times, people also look to each other for support and trust: strong together is the motto. How permanent is this? There is a good chance that this extra togetherness will fade away as the corona crisis fades from our memory. What remains is that competition and cooperation increasingly go hand in hand. Corona clearly shows that the world is one large network in which everything is connected. Organizations need to think not only about their competitive strategy but also about their collaboration strategy.

Singapore Phone Number List

Online shopping Due to corona, more people, young and old, have quickly become accustomed to the convenience of online shopping. The market share of online shopping and delivery services has exploded and is growing steadily. Mobile commerce is accelerating and cash has had its day. We are doing more and more things ‘digitally’ with our smartphone as an indispensable buddy. We have arrived in the on-demand and app economy.

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